Black Rhino Group is committed to providing the highest level of responsible service and customer care. We have established a set of procedures to ensure that our staff deliver service responsibly in a safe social environment while minimising any risk of potential harm.

We are dedicated to servicing our locals and their communities and as such, have made a commitment to ensure the safety of our employees, patrons, contractors and communities.


Black Rhino Group maintains that the responsible service of alcohol is a shared accountability amongst both venue and patron.
We are committed to serving our patrons in professional and responsible manner, complying with all applicable regulations as directed by the VCGLR and adhering to all endorsed Liquor Service Codes of Practice.
We acknowledge the that alcohol abuse and alcohol consumption by minors are significant issues with serious ramifications.  Our staff are trained in Responsible Service of Alcohol and actively promote responsible alcohol consumption amongst our patronage.
We require current valid photographic proof of age identification be provided by young adults prior to sale of alcohol at all of our venues.


Black Rhino Group is committed to providing responsible gambling in all of our venues. We aim to ensure that all our venues provide our customers with a safe and supportive environment, where our patrons can make informed choices about gambling and receive timely assistance and information from our trained staff. Black Rhino Group seeks to exceed all gambling legislature requirements in the state of Victoria. We acknowledge that problem gambling is a serious social issue and that a small proportion of patrons can be harmed by gambling activities.


We offer Self Exclusion as recommended by Australian Hotels Association (Victoria) in all of our venues.
The program is offered to individuals who volunteer to exclude themselves from one or more gaming venues in Victoria and establishes an agreement between the individual and the venue, including:

  • Agreeing not to enter the gaming machine area or play electronic gaming machines at nominated venues
  • Authorising staff members to stop the individual from entering or remaining in the gaming machine area
  • Authorising photographs and personal details to be taken and then distributed to nominated venues and for those venues to display the photos in employee only areas
  • Acknowledging that venue staff at nominated venues have no legal duty implied by the exclusion deed
  • Waiving any right to sue venues that they have nominated to exclude from, their staff or the program administrator on the grounds of assault, defamation or failing on a duty of care to exclude

For more information on the program, please speak with venue staff or contact the Self Exclusion team on (03) 9654 3491.
Black Rhino Group is committed to providing the highest standards of patron care and responsible gambling.

YourPlay, the Victorian Government’s pre-commitment scheme, empowers players to make informed decisions about their gaming machine play. 

The scheme allows them to:

  • set limits of time or money spent
  • keep track of their own gaming machine play across Victoria.

YourPlay is free and voluntary for players to use.

Please see staff for more information and / or visit